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Connection Time Out

  • Teer machines now time out after 10 minutes of inactivity. The easiest way around this is to start the program xeyes when you first log in; type
xeyes &

at the command prompt to get it to start. You can minimize this window, but do not close it. For whatever reason, the program will keep your session active!

Printing from LaTeX Documents

Due to an error in okular/CIFS and a missing program for evince, the process for actually printing a LaTeX document has changed slightly. Further documentation coming soon but the summary is:

  • latex file.tex
  • dvips -t letter file.dvi
  • evince &

Now, any time you want to re-process the file, you need to run both latex and dvips on it to get a new version of the ps file. Fortunately, evince will load any new ps file that comes up. You can then print from evince without any troubles. Admittedly, one more run is required but at least it works!


Anything of urgent concern will go here. Also see OIT Alerts for more information about possible outages.