EGR 224/Operational Amplifiers

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The following page provides some supplemental information for the Operational Amplifiers lab for EGR 224L. It has been updated to Spring, 2013.


These changes were made at 9:20AM on 3/19:

  • There is no PBB at the front of the room with circuit parts -- instead, there are pictures below
  • The web page for getting DAQrunner starts with classes


  • Nothing here yet!



Through Section 6.3.3

Wide view of PBB 272 with LM 324 attached.
Closeup of the LM 342 with buffer wiring on the right and and OpAmp 1 copy wiring on the left.

This part involves wiring the three operational amplifiers used for this experiment. Note that amplifier "2" - which is on the bottom right of the chip in the pictures - is not used for this lab.

Click on the pictures at right to make them larger.

Through Section 6.3.4

CB-68LP connections showing four analog input measurements (green/black pairs), two analog outputs (red), and both AI and AO grounds.
Right side of Blue Row showing ground and ACH reference wires.
Closeup of breadboard showing four dark green measurement lines and two red DACOUT lines from CB-68LP.

This part involves wiring the measurement lines from the DAQ card through the CB-68LP to the PBB 272.

Click on the pictures at right to make them larger.